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Conference Organizer Suite
Use our comprehensive conference organizer solution to manage your in-house video conferences. Our system lets you create conferences and manage their properties throughout the complete lifecycle. Integrated with industry standard products such as Cisco MCU, Acano CMS and Microsoft Exchange. Optionally improve accessibility by using our custom touch panel software for Crestron products. Read more…

Wozavez WebRTC Gateway
Our WebRTC gateway is designed for Cisco CMS. The browser client application can be highly customized to meet the customer’s requirements. The product is available in two editions:

  • Standard Edition: for up to 25 concurrent calls, client application support is limited to Chrome browser on Win 10 desktop
  • Enterprise Edition: for up to 1000 concurrent calls

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Interaction Reports for Cisco
Many companies use contact centers to let their customers reach them. In most cases contact center software is too complex and has many functionalities which are never used by most of the customers. The most important functions to handle customer requests are the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and the Call Queuing. For the managers and supervisors who are responsible for the quality of the service and for the workforce management, the most important contact center functionality is the reporting.
Cisco’s Unified Communication Manager (from version 10.x) has a Hunt-group feature which provides both ACD and Call Queuing. This is enough for most of the customers to handle the calls but there is no comprehensive reporting capability. Wozavez Interaction Reports for Cisco (IR4C) solution fills this gap by providing web-based reports for Cisco UCM.
The IR4C solution is available as a cloud service (Cloud Edition) and also as an On-Premise version. The On-Premise version has two different editions: Standard Edition with basic and Enterprise Edition with advanced reporting capabilities.

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Emergency Call Handler
During an emergency call it is crucial to locate the caller at the highest accuracy. In a VoIP environment the location of an endpoint can be very difficult to identify. As there could be roaming users with notebooks and mobile workstations, most of the time the caller ID is not giving the correct information about the caller location. In these cases the IP address of the endpoint gives more accurate location information. In the emergency centers the geographical location of a telephony endpoint is tied to a special geographical caller ID (Location Identification Number – ELIN). This means that during an emergency call the gateway/SBC has to give this correct LIN number to the telephony service provider. The solution provides this proper caller ID translation based on the IP address of the endpoint. Our solution has LDAP and SIP interfaces so the solution can be connected to all major telephony platform (Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Avaya Session Manager, Microsoft Lync, Oracle Session Border Controller). Furthermore if you have several telephony platforms and you want to handle the emergency calls in a unified manner this solution might be the best choice.

Cisco Phone Contact Manager
Cisco IP Phones are not able to resolve telephone numbers to caller name when a call comes in form outside of the UCM. Our Cisco Phone Contact Manager (PCM) solution helps in this problem: a company could have a global directory that contains the partners’ phone numbers with their display name and with using the Wozavez PCM the IP Phone will show the partner’s name on the IP Phones display when ringing. This helps sales and other users to easily identify their callers. PCM can synchronize it’s number database from multiple sources, for example from Microsoft AD or external SQL database. On the other hand this global directory can be used to helps dialing outgoing calls just like the built-in Cisco corporate directory or in an advanced, predictive way to speed up the search.

Network Security Conformance Audit Tool (NSCAT)
NSCAT is an audit toolkit for examining mass of text based configurations of networking devices by different aspects. It is made for networking experts, IT auditors and managers. It works by converting important parts of – for example Cisco IOS – text based configurations to structured JSON format and store into an internal database. After the conversion, the tool runs easily extendable and modifiable JavaScript rules on the structured configurations. The rules can analyze the configuration by complex security or other aspects even in relationship with other configurations.

It helps answering questions like:

  • Are the settings of devices satisfies the requirements definied in the internal policy?
  • Are the settings of devices satisfies the most recent security requirements?
  • Have the administrators, technicians left backdoors (wilful or accidentaly)?

The flexibility of NSCAT tool makes it possible to use it to execute mass configuration modifications on the network. It not just means that it can execute the same, fix configuration commands on many routers and switches, but it means that it can use intelligence to execute different commands automatically on different devices depending on the give device’s configuration. For example it can be used to apply ACL changes in a whole network. It is also possible to generate parts of configurations when migrating switches from one vendor to another.

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