Conference Organizer Suite

Our conference organizer solutions provide you with ways to manage your video conferences. Create, edit and archive your conferences, use real-time controls with ongoing meetings and integrate 3rd party services like meeting room touch panels, calendar applications, recorder or streaming services. Integrated with Cisco MCU and Acano systems, with Pexip support coming soon.

Whitepaper (in Hungarian)

Conference Organizer

Organize conferences and track participants. Currently available with Microsoft Exchange integration for e-mail and calendar event handling.

Organizer Wizard

Easily organize conferences with multiple participants, different settings and custom properties. Follow our step-by-step wizard to organize your meeting. It is possible to integrate custom workflows into the organizing process that can fill out properties with default values, hide others or even add new settings to the conference. In the event a conference is created, modified or deleted the organizer receives a customizable e-mail containing the details of the event, that can be forwarded to all interested parties.

Calendar integration

Track the availability of your meeting rooms and personnel by synchronizing your calendar data with WCO. Conferences organized using our system also create calendar invitations, allowing you to avoid overbooking while also tracking responses from your conference participants.

Conference control

Control the behaviour of on ongoing conference from the organizer website.

  • Monitor the list of participants
  • Mute sound/Mute video/Remove participant from conference
  • Call out new participants to fill out free slots
  • Extend the conference beyond the previous end time
  • End the conference before the end time to free up resources

Setup your organizations endpoints to be accessible from the system. Control integrations and licenses from our custom admin website. Change the default e-mail templates that are sent out with conference modifications, and more.

Conference Controller

Have complete control of your conferences through their whole lifecycle.

Lifecycle management

Create conferences with automatic call-out when the start time is reached. Conferences are closed when the end time is reached, with configurable overflow option.

Participant management

Allow only invited participant to join your conference. Lock in your conference participants at any time, refusing any additional calls afterwards.


The system automatically displays the time left until the conference is closed if the remaining time is less then 15 minutes. It is also possible to write custom messages on the participants display, for example the state of any integrated services like recorders or streamers.

Touch Panel interface

Integrate with meeting room touchpanels for better access to our systems. Currently available with software for Crestron RMC3 systems and touchpanels.

Conference information

Our panel interface module publishes a REST API that can be used by touch panels installed in meeting rooms. Information about upcoming conferences in the meeting room can be displayed. In the case of custom features, every additional information from custom workflows can be passed down to the panels and the panels can utilize additional API calls for them.

Bridge functionality

Connect all your panels through our system to send messages between them. Communication happens in real-time using Websockets, enabling low latency functions like remote camera control.

Annotation module

Create annotations for conferences live or after the fact.


Easy-to-use online web interface where users can follow along with a conference in real time and take notes. The notes will have a timestamp on them that marks the exact time for that specific note. After the conference is finished, users can open up the recording of the meeting, and use the timestamps of each annotation to seek to specific moments in the video. There is also the possibility for modification of the annotation texts and timestamps.


Users can create frequently used annotations for specific occasions. Organizers choose a template for the upcoming conference before it starts or even add in annotations beforehand for an outline of the meeting. During the conference, users can modify the pre-added annotations or quickly access the dictionary of frequently used annotation texts, making it more convenient for someone to participate in the conference while also annotating it.

Interview Recorder module

Record interviews locally with one or multiple IP cameras.


Linux-based software running on a local endpoint (e.g. Intel NUC). Can handle video recording coming from IP cameras, stitching of videos from multiple sources, creating meta-data description files and encrypting all media. This media then can be transported securely to a centralized server.

Web interface

Modern online web interface supporting all major browsers. Step-by-step guide from interview start to post-processing tasks. Allows the user to control the recording flow, add meta-data to the interview and create snapshots from a document camera connected via USB port. It is also possible to move and focus cameras that support PTZ technology.